SOLVEX FD (Fast Dry) by Vimasol


Industrial strength degreaser for electrical and electronic.

  • Quick action cleaner & degreaser
  • Non conductive & non-corrosive
  • Penetrates hard to reach areas
  • Low toxicity and non fuming
  • Powerful flushing

A high performance and fast-evaporating solvent degreaser. Dissolves grease, grime, oil and other tough soils effectively without residue or sticky film. Non-flammable, non-fuming, non-conductive and is safe for use on electric motors, heating equipment, generators, windings and power tools during overhaul or daily maintenance.

  • Fast dry and reduces cleaning time
  • Extends equipment life span
  • Low toxicity and reduces fire hazards
  • No flash point and non-corrosive

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Weight.400 kg


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