Decluttering is a huge challenge for every homeowner. To find more space in an overcrowded kitchen, you need these tips:

Only items you use every day should be on your countertop. This might be a toaster or a coffee pot. Anything else should find a space on a shelf. The things you use only once or twice a year should be stored elsewhere.

Consider a wall-mounted shelf above the counter where you can store that coffee pot or toaster.

Adjust shelves so there’s no dead space between the item. You can purchase a few grid stacking shelves under-shelf baskets to double your storage space. Consider buying a narrow rack with shelves that can be hooked over a door to hold cans or spices. You can also invest in a grid system that can hang over a backsplash or on a wall.

Bulky packaging takes up a lot of room. Transfer dry goods, like flour, sugar, coffee, milk to smaller containers with pretty labels.

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