We supply personal protective equipment and  other essential industrial and homecare products in the Philippines.

No matter what job you do, whether at the office or at home, we can help you meet safety compliance regulations.

At Good Fruit PH you harvest positive solutions.

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Alkaline C+Sodium Ascorbate and Guava Extracts

Alkaline C+Sodium Ascorbate and Guava Extracts

Guava is a common fruit here in the Philippines. This tropical fruit thrives in dry heat. The fruit is usually eaten as snacks, while the leaves are sometimes boiled into an herbal tea by some locals. Guava is reported to have more vitamin c than oranges. It is common...

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Good Fruit Ph was established in April 2015 to address safety equipment requirements of agricultural plantations, power and energy, mining, industrial, construction, medical facilities, and hospitality companies. We also cater to the safety equipment requirement of third-party manpower contractors engaging projects in these industrial sectors.

Good Fruit Ph offers industrial solutions, like personal protective equipment (PPE), industrial cleaning materials and other types of equipment, retroreflective stickers, corporate branding of safety items and uniforms.  Home and garden solutions, health solutions and logistics services.

Good Fruit Ph ensures cost-efficient and correct specifications, proper handling and maintenance of products supplied. We conduct site visits, walkthroughs, and dialogues to stakeholders in order to provide the right solutions to the challenges encountered in the workplace. We also challenge existing processes to come up with more cost-efficient measures to make safety program sustainable.

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